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eMule StulleMule v.0.49a 6.1

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eMule StulleMule v.0.49a 6.1

Mensaje por BONITO el Vie Jun 05, 2009 4:23 pm

La última versión de este mod lleva ya disponible un par de meses pero
dado que no estaba reflejada hasta ahora en el foro la pongo para tod@s
aquell@s a quien pueda interesar

Change log:
- 17.09.2008 -
based on eMule 0.49b MorphXT 11.1 compiled with vs2005 SP1

Added: PowerShare support for WebInterface [Stulle]
+not for light, use the new WebInterface files
Added: Color selection for sub heading text (internal) [Stulle]

Changed: Localize Source Graph group box [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]
Changed: Localize Push Small Files label above slider [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]
Changed: Localize TBH: MM group item [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]
Changed: Localize "12h" string for Release Bonus [Stulle/thx pennyliu123]

Changed: Made Compat clients stats code prettier [WiZaRd]
Changed: Improved resizing of cats tab in SearchResultWnd [Stulle]
Changed: Using official code for proper background of Icons with text [Officials]
Changed: (Morph) Display NNS in UploadListCtrl [Diabolo111]

Updated: Bad Nick List (DLP v33) [zz_fly/JvA/DLarge]
Fixed: Anti-XS-Exploit (v2 answers) [fafner]
Fixed: ATWL: (minor) not working split button after starting unsplitted [fafner]
+ ATWL = Advanced Transfer Window Layout
Fixed: ATWL: (minor) list count for upper splitted lists did not update [fafner]
Fixed: ATWL: (minor) non-downloads lists changed height between split/unsplit [fafner]
+ running with 120 dpi fonts and using odd screen sizes
Fixed: Readded TextToSpeech support for notifies [Stulle]
Fixed: Anti-Uploader-Ban case 2 and 3 (horribly old...) [Stulle]
Fixed: Wrong friendslot tag (used 0x66 like in the alpha phase) [Stulle]
+ importing friendslots when upgrading from v6.0
Fixed: Missed some files when merging [Stulle]
Fixed: (minor) Wrong check mark for A4AF in DownloadList File menu [Stulle/thx erdem444]
Fixed: (Morph) Corrupted userhash ban [taz-me]

Página oficial: eMule StulleMule mod

Descarga (binarios, fuente y paquetes de lenguaje): eMule StulleMule mod

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Localización : info@amjinformatica.es

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