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eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 (actualizado 15/04/09)

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eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 (actualizado 15/04/09)

Mensaje por BONITO el Vie Jun 05, 2009 4:19 pm

Changelog for eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2

Compiled with visual studio 2005 sp1.

Merged to 0.49c [Stulle]
ADD: Autojoin to #emule-morph in IRC [Stulle]
ADD: Service description (Service needs to be reinstalled) [Stulle]
ADD: High definition vista icon [Stulle]
ADD: Microsoft Windows Media Format 9 SDK for MS VS2003 build [Stulle]
ADD: Microsoft Windows Media Format 11 SDK for MS VS2005 build [Stulle]
ADD: Microsoft Speach SDK for all builds [Stulle]
ADD: Purge known.met settings (not at all, partially/ official, completely/ old Morph) [Stulle]
Add: Option to remove AICH hashes immediatly [Stulle]
ADD: Update Downloaded History List automatically to reflect changes in Shared Files List [Stulle]
ADD: Delete files on hitting the del key in Downloaded History List [Stulle]
ADD: Copy Ed2k links into clipboard using Ctrl+C in Downloaded History List [Stulle]
ADD: Sort for "calculated CRC32" column in Shared Files List [Stulle]
ADD: Progress Hash [O2]
ADD: IP Filter White list [Stulle]
ADD: New default IPFilter (Maintained by Ozzy) [Stulle]
+ uses DynDNS to check version, mirrored at SourceForge, unrar.dll required!
ADD: RAR File download decompress for auto update [official]
ADD: New hidden options to Advanced Options and Tooltips for new options [Stulle]
ADD: Rebind UPnP mappings (UDP, TCP and Webserver for now) like the official does [Stulle]
ADD: Turkish translation (partially) [omeringen]
CHANGE: Display NNS in UploadListCtrl [Diabolo111]
CHANGE: Cleaned up Static IP Filter code [Stulle]
+ only ipfilter.dat layout allowed!
CHANGE: Switch category column and download started column (group cat related) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Keep old default sorting behaviour for DownloadList (only names ascending) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Default Fakes link to http://emulepawcio.sourceforge.net/fakes.zip [Stulle/Rick164]
CHANGE: Default purge time for known.met is set to 31 days like in official instead of old 150 days [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rewrite of Downloaded History List according to new List code layout from official [Stulle]
CHANGE: Accept more file names for contents of downloaded ipfilter archives [official]
CHANGE: Send ICS info even if the file is not extremely rare (as pointed out by WiZaRd) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Made ICS mode local variable to save some bytes in RAM usage (as pointed out by WiZaRd) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Updated Show less controls for new columns and added it for context menus [Stulle]
CHANGE: Enabling Extended controls disables Show less controls and vice versa [Stulle]
+ close preferences window to avoid odd behaviour... kinda tricky...
CHANGE: Switched on Global Hard Limit by default (upgrade unaffected) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Only display category selection dialog if there is more than one category [Stulle]
CHANGE: Enlarged IRC settings tree control and dir tree control in Directories preferences panel [Stulle]
CHANGE: Use '1' as default min linear priority to reserve '0' for small files [JackieKu]
FIX: Corrupted userhash ban [taz]
FIX: Double increase for badrequests [taz]
FIX: Incorrect and redundent operation for Double backup [AndCycle]
FIX: Display FairPlay in lists only if requested file is complete [gomez82]
FIX: Improper localization of altered category column in DownloadList [Stulle]
FIX: Failing support of emulepawcio ipfilter.zip format [D10Tmain]
FIX: Memleak fix around hashing [WiZaRd]
FIX: Download ACK measurement was incorrect (when download was limited) [Stulle]
FIX: Download ACK was not displayed and counted in stats as overhead [Stulle]
FIX: Improper Friend Logging for FunnyNick affected friend clients [Stulle]
FIX: Network mapped drives could not be selected [JackieKu]
FIX: Shared files were sometimes unneccessarily reloaded due to shareSubdir [JackieKu]
FIX: Some improper localization in Morph preferences window [Stulle]
REMOVED: Adunanza ban [Stulle]

Note: Additional options stored in Known.met will be purged like some official stuff is.
Note: Due to change in column orders we recommend a clean install. You may experience strange looks otherwise.
Note: Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK for MS VS2005 build has already been added in an earlier version.
Note: See How-To-Compile_VS05.txt in source package for guide on how to get the sources to compile.
Note: New IPFilter will only be set when resetting the url or making a clean install.
Note: Following languages updated: German [Morella/Myth88/Stulle]; French [Nicolas_FR]; Spanish [guijarrelson];
Portuguese (Brazil) [Heiler]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly]; Chinese (Taiwan) [JackieKu]; Italian

IP Filter White List:
+ IPs on this list will not be banned
+ use ipfilter_white.dat to add IPs to the White List


Changelog for eMule 0.49a MorphXT v11.0
Compiled with visual studio 2003 sp1.
should also work with vs 2005 sp1

Merged to 0.49a [Stulle]
CHANGE: update libping to 1.28 (which is same source as 1.27) [leuk_he]
CHANGE: update CxImage to 6.00 (we use the rather complete lib) [Stulle]
CHANGE: update cryptolib Version 5.5.2 (9/24/2007)
FIX: clients downloading during large file completion stuck with 'stalled, reading from disk' [fafner]
ADD: spreadbars to history [fafner]
ADD: percentage client already got in QueueList and UploadList [fafner]
ADD: chunk number to chunk details in UploadList [fafner]
ADD: Show much verbose info on content-> mediafinfo.dll (if you disable advanced options mediainfo_RIFF for avi files...)
ADD: (BETA!) download ack overhead used in in upload calculation
ADD: show if server obfuscation key is available
FIX: use part.met.bak files instead of hardly ever seen valid part.met.backup files. [leuk_he]
ADD: experimental support for visual studio 2005 sp1. See readme. [fafner/rapid mule/leuk_he]
ADD: alpha support for vs2008, make very sure to read the readme.
CHANGE: reduce some cpu under wine [leuk_he]
CHANGE: Using a different method to create captcha due to new version of CxImage lib [Stulle]
CHANGE: FriendSlots now saved in 0x03 (0x2 occupied by official) [Stulle]
REMOVED: SafeKAD (the Officials did a big step in that direction) [Stulle]
REMOVED: KAD optimizations (what ever ) [Stulle]

Descargar binarios: SourceForge.net: Downloading ...
Descargar sources: SourceForge.net: Downloading ...
Descargar instalador: SourceForge.net: Downloading ...


Changelog for eMule 0.48a MorphXT v10.5
Cambiado: innosetup 5.2.2 permite "correr" en Vista cuando se ha instalado
Añadido: se ha añadido el Chino Tradicional al instalador
Cambiado: USC: subida afinada
Arreglado: USC: el fallo de explosión extrema de slot para PowerShare al 100%
Cambiado: el portapapeles mira los encadenamientos en el portapapeles; guarda un poco la cpu [leuk_he]
Cambiado: el archivo del enlace ed2k del portapapeles mira ahora las colas dentro de la selección de categoría Morph
Arreglado: un montón de corrupciones raras cuando se deshabilita la conexión segura (netfinity)
Cambiado: actualizar Kad seguro a warpf 0.3a.11 beta (netfinity)
Arreglado: KAD para tamaños de archivo > 4GB (netfinity)
Añadido: USS: TTL inicial (stulle/MonKi)
Añadido: reconexión de Kad y Servidor después de reanudar desde la hibernación

Se ha afinado la Subida y se ha corregido el fallo de los ficheros mayores de 4 GB en la red Kad.



eMule 0.48a MorphXT v10.4
Changelog: 06-10-2007
CHANGE: USC: tuned upload:
CHANGE: USC: Upload speed sense is functioning again.
CHANGE: USC: Don't remove spare trickle slot disables slotfocus.
ADD: uPnP: Add some option to gui and move main setting to connection settings like official.
FIX: Advanced prefs. save the options added in 10.3.
ADD: Chinese traditional translation, ZH_TW (eastshare)
CHANGE: Updated modicons [stulle]
CHANGE: The binary release has a server.met file included.
Y aqui podeis descargarlo:
SourceForge.net: Downloading ...

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